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Yocan B-Smart Battery – 50 pc Display Case – END OF SUMMER SALE!


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Yocan B-Smart Battery Overview:

Yocan’s B-Smart is a slim, compact 320 mAh 510-threaded pen-style vape battery with a variable voltage control dial (2.0 – 4.0V adjustable in 0.1V increments) that allows users to refine their temperature settings with ease by rotating the twist dial on the bottom of the battery.  The unit’s single operating button controls the convenient pre-heat mode and displays multi-colour LED lights.


  • Compact & stylish
  • Adjustable voltage
  • 10-second pre-heat function
  • 510-threaded
  • 320 mAh battery capacity
  • 1 Ω resistance
  • 3.4 inches tall

Available Single Colours:

Package Contents:

Display case containing:

  • (10) Yocan B-Smart Battery – Silver
  • (10) Yocan B-Smart Battery – Black
  • (10) Yocan B-Smart Battery – Gold
  • (10) Yocan B-Smart Battery – Blue
  • (10) Yocan B-Smart Battery – Red

(Please note: Battery chargers are sold separately.  (click here)

Accessories Available for the Yocan B-Smart:

Yocan User Manual:

(The manufacturer currently has not released a user manual for the b-smart battery.)

  • Press the button rapidly 5 times to turn the device on/off
  • Once powered on, hold to deliver power to the atomizer (>1.0Ω), or
  • double click to initiate a 10 second preheat mode to soften cartridge contents
  • click once to end the “pre-heat” mode


Additional information

Weight 1.290 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 10 cm